Thursday, August 23, 2012

Despite the enormous vocabulary she displays, Frannie still has one word that we can't understand at all. It sounds like "lello" or "lallo," but seems to be mostly used to mean "my turn," "I want that," or "Mom, you're doing this all wrong!"
Monday, Frannie had her 18-month appointment. 31.9 inches tall (50th percentile), 22.5 lbs (19th percentile). So, average height and lean. Still a big headed kid, too.

She wasn't terribly compliant for the check-up, but we brought along her doll, and once she could see what was going to happen to her first, she was better (not perfect, but what can you expect at 18 months).

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh. My. Goodness.

We are in a word explosion from Frannie!

She's been pretty chatty ever since figuring out "uh-oh," but in the last week, we've been hearing multiple new words, every day. Today it was "pumpkin" (a book), "push" (wishing the door would open), "mayo" (tomatoes in our garden) and "Datie" (my name, sort of). We had the idea on Friday to start keeping track, since her 18-month appointment is coming up soon, and were quickly floored by the number of words we were adding. We're definitely not worried about her language development!