Photos, Months 5 and 6

Discovering feet is so much fun!

Now that Frannie can sit up, going to restaurants is more fun for everyone

With toys and songs in the car, we are both back in the front seats, and Frannie entertains herself (or sleeps) in the car.

Such a happy smile!

Sleeping on Momma's back in the Ergo - the first time Momma put it on her back without help!

I'm so excited to have everyone home in the summer, I just can't hold still!

Snuggling with Mommy in the morning is the best

Bathtime with cousin Abe

We borrowed a convertible carseat to see how it fit it Sarah's car - it makes Frannie look so big, sitting up like that!

It got hot in Seattle, so we went down to the lake with Grandma Paula

In good news, the cat is no longer afraid of the baby. Bad news, his leaping into the crib is a little disruptive to Frannie's sleep.