Thursday, September 22, 2011

A second cold for Frances - or is it?

This giraffe is ready for her close-up
Upon returning to work, I once again forgot to have the children clean their hands every time they enter, and promptly came down with a cold. It's a common enough occurrence around small children, but I worry for Frannie every time I cough or sneeze at home. On Monday, she coughed a few times after swimming, and I worried she was coming down with my cold, so we stayed home together on Tuesday. Of course, there were no coughs or sneezes (from her) on Tuesday, so we enjoyed a day at home together.

We went to the zoo with cousin Abe and his Grammy Ruth, and then rested in the afternoon. Since everything seemed fine, she was back at daycare and I was back at work on Wednesday.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just a note to myself as we continue with daycare and getting Frannie to sleep enough:
Frannie is currently waking up four-six times each night, sleeping in our bed after the first wake-up until morning. After she wakes up in the morning, she takes a nap 1-2 hours later, and usually takes three naps each day (morning, afternoon, and before dinner).

Daycare for Frances

Well, work started this week, and Frannie headed to her first time at daycare. Previous experiences (Momma returning to work, Momma taking a class over the summer, etc.) have taught us that our girl is stubborn to a fault, and will hold out on drinking milk from a bottle for days, so we warned her daycare provider and sent her with extra solid foods so she wouldn't starve. After four days, Frannie still hasn't taken any milk, but she is eating massive quantities of applesauce every day. I, of course, am still pumping, so hopefully she starts accepting the bottle soon...