Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This weekend, we went on a bike ride around Seward Park with a friend, who has two 4 year old twin boys and a girl who just turned 3. We brought Frannie's tricycle, which mercifully has a handle, as well as the umbrella stroller, with the plan being that Frannie and the girl would share the bike around the lake while the bigger boys rode their balance bikes the whole way. Naturally, Sunday was the day the heavens opened up and the six of us made up approximately 25% of the people we encountered on the 2.5 mile loop. The kids braved the rain and cold pretty well for the first 2 miles, but around that marker, one of the boys lost it. Luckily, it didn't occur to him to lay the bike down and refuse to continue, so he just screamed his way around the path. We kept the spirits of the other kids up by promising them treats (cookies! brownies!) when we got to the shelter (dry! warm! not rainy!) By the time we got to the shelter, the kids had clearly built it up in their minds as not so much a roof and tables, but rather a sumptuous palace, probably with attendants Carson hired. The reality came crashing down on them, and all 4 lost it. The adults ate the cookies and brownies with authentic but overly dramatic enthusiasm, and then we packed the kids up and went home. Next time we want a bike ride before nap, I think we'll make sure the weather plans to cooperate. That, or we find a velodrome for toddlers in the Seattle area.