Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Tooth for Frances

When Frannie went in for her last check-up, we were told her first teeth were visible below her gums, but weren't given any solid time line for when they might arrive. After three days of fussing (and the purchase of our first bottle of infant Tylenol), we have the beginnings of a tooth. So far, enough is poking through to scratch a toy, or scrape against my fingernail (her favorite chew toy), but her less-than-bubbly demeanor has made it very difficult to get photos.
No, Momma, I will NOT open my mouth!
This morning, we decided to beat the Seattle heat (they predicted 80 - horrors!) by heading to Seward Park to walk the loop with Olive. We had to laugh at the set-up we gave Frannie - she had the life of luxury in her pram!
Note the sun umbrella, so not a ray of sunshine will get in Princess Frannie's sensitive eyes.

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