Monday, July 4, 2011

Last night was hard. When we got Frances ready for bed, she didn't seem interested in eating, and kept struggling to get out of her swaddle. I unwrapped her and set her down to chill on her "mat of neglect," but after half an hour, she still didn't want to eat. She did want to bite, however, and clamped down while she was nursing, then grinned at me. Not a way to make friends and influence people, kiddo.
After another 30 minutes of this, we realized the last time she acted like this, she was teething. After some infant Tylenol, she took a ting-ting and finally fell asleep. She didn't sleep well, though - lots of waking up in the night to nurse, and a great deal of cranky in the morning.

Today we kept her drugged up, and she seemed happier - still prone to chomping down on fingers, though.

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