Friday, December 16, 2011

To "hi!" "uh-oh!" and "up!" we have added "elf" and "mama," which you might think refers to me, or perhaps to Sarah, but which in fact means any object that is edible or contains something edible. That is, it includes me (mama! mama! mama!), but it also includes the bag of yogurt melts (mama! mama!), the bowl of macaroni and cheese (mama!!), and the highly recognizable applesauce pouches (cue hysterical wailing of mama!mama!mama!mama!!!!)

We have been working on signing "more" since she started eating solids five months ago, but it doesn't seem to have "taken." The only sign Frannie has any interest in using is "milk," and that only when it is noticeably not available. The sign for more has never been seen, and all our attempts are only resulting in a marginally more recognizable version of the spoken word. I'm okay with increasingly understandable speech, but I like the idea of signing just so she can express more ideas that she will be able to verbalize, as time goes on. We'll keep at it, but I think she may be genetically (and socially) doomed to a verbal life - neither one of her moms ever shuts up!!

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