Friday, March 15, 2013

After months and months of ignoring ting-tings, Frannie has very recently become quite attached to her plastic chew-toys. It has coincided so completely with the end of bedtime nursing, that I suspect she is using the ting-ting as a substitute, but instead of sucking, she still chews them, as she did when she was first teething. Sadly, we had gotten rid of most of the ting-tings, and the only ones left in the house were hidden in various boxes or bags when we were clearing out baby toys for her cousin. The two we have left are pink (preferred) and green (accepted only as a last resort). Last night, both were lost (or, "on vacation," as we describe them). So, it was off for a bedtime trip to Target, to hopefully stock up on identical pink ting-tings. Total bust, though, since Target has apparently stopped carrying the preferred brand and style of ting-ting. We picked up a pair of clear/blue orthodontic style ting-tings, which have been accepted into the fold as the "new ting-tings," though still inferior to the pink one. Now, our evenings are filled with plaintive wails of "I lost my ting-ting!" followed by one mom or the other shuffling into the bedroom to retrieve the missing pacifier (never was an object more aptly named), and hand it back to her.

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