Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Like any respectable two-mom family, we attended our local Pride parade this weekend. Unfortunately, as soon as the Dykes on Bikes rolled up, Frannie wanted nothing to do with her stroller, and insisted on being held throughout the entire parade. So, no pictures of the parade, since my hands were full of toddler. Turns out, though, that you get a ton of stuff thrown at you (good stuff) when you have a cute kid with you - stickers, pinwheels from the local children's hospital, coffee from Starbucks, even a free t-shirt. I don't know if we'll be marching or watching next year, but it was fun to have the change of perspective, not to mention the shade.

Seattle has been having a bit of a heat wave (other parts of the country would call it "Spring"), so we've been doing our chores early in the day, mowing the lawn and hanging out all of the laundry, and playing in the sprinkler during the afternoon. Frannie wanted to help with the mowing, so she put on her boots and headphones, but got outside just in time to hang out the laundry.

What, you don't hang out the laundry in fireman boots and noise-reducing earphones?

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