Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cloth diaper thoughts so far

The GroBaby ones are fine for night (when she doesn't poop anymore), but if she poops in them during the day, the whole diaper needs a wash - not a big deal, but more of a hassle (and laundry) than other diapers.
The Flip diaper we have has a great cover, but I'm not loving the diaper itself, which is too bad - I wanted to like it, since it can be folded sideways and fit a little baby better than the other big honking prefolds we have.
The Gerber super-absorbent prefolds (from Target) are easy to fold, but not very soft.  Although they fit her better than the Bummis, I tend to avoid them until we run out of the other diapers and inserts.
The Bummis are great, very absorbent and soft, but massive on her.  Once I've folded it down in front, back, and on the sides, the poor kid reminds me of the little brother in "A Christmas Story" - 'I can't put my arms down!'
The Gerber birdseye flats are, surprisingly, my favorites for the daytime.  I've been doubling up with them, and they are really absorbent, almost as good as a disposable.  I also like that they can be folded to fit her, and they are very trim - so her clothes fit better, and I don't worry that I'm torturing her by keeping her feet from ever being in the same ZIP code.

Cover-wise, I prefer the Blueberry covers, but don't have any complaints about any of them.  We've only used the Happy Heiny cow-print diaper once, but it felt very luxurious to be putting her in such a cushy, fleecy diaper.  Too bad I don't like pocket diapers.

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