Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In the never-ending quest to keep both myself and Frances happy, we have acquired a number of baby carriers. Sarah's cousin lent us their Baby Bjorn (picture a much happier face on me than on the model, and "ours" is green), which Sarah really likes and I really don't enjoy. I've been putting Frances in our Moby wrap since she was a tiny newborn, and while we both love how she rides in that, it's really only a good carrier if you put it on before leaving the house. Somehow, wrangling 6 yards of fabric in the middle of a wet Seattle parking lot doesn't top my "must do" list most days.

Speaking of Seattle, owning an Ergo appears to be mandatory here for all parents of small children, judging by the customers at Costco. So, of course, we acquired one of those, too (and a matching pouch for the phone and keys). I love the Ergo for how easily and comfortably I can carry Frances in it, and how well she sleeps while I wear her. I also love that she will be able to ride in it long into the future, which I don't see happening with the Moby. That said, I have been wanting something easily portable, that I could toss on when we're leaving and I might be wearing Frances later in the day, or that I could pack on trips. I've had my eye on a sling worn by another mother at the baby class we attend each week, and after checking in with her that she is still liking her sling, I bought one for myself. With carriers now in mossy green, light blue, and purple and brown polka dots, I should be able to coordinate Frances' carrier with my outfits (within a certain color range, that is)!

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