Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ugh, what a month. Two days before that last post, Frannie was with her Gramma while we got ready for the new school year. (Our daycare is closed in the summer, and didn't open until Labor Day) Gramma (my mom) wasn't feeling well, and was having some chest pains, and so we took her to the ER to get checked out. She looked fine, so we weren't worried about leaving her. Almost as soon as we got home, the ER called to say she was having a heart attack, and was being prepped for a procedure to increase blood flow to the blocked part.

She recovered well, and, as she did after so many illnesses and surgeries, returned to her usual routine. Just a few days after she left the hospital, we went out shopping with Frannie for Sarah's birthday.

Last Saturday, the 21st, Sarah and I were sitting in our living room, waiting for Frannie to fall asleep (a long procedure as we headed back to work), when a friend called, saying Mom had collapsed while they were coming home from a show. For the second time in weeks, we left Frannie with Sarah's parents and raced to the hospital.

There is never anything good coming when they take you to the Social Work room, instead of to a patient room. Even knowing this, it was amazing to observe my brain hoping there was some other reason we weren't ushered into a tiny ER cubicle.

Tomorrow is the memorial, and then we move on to the long process of cleaning up her 61 years. There are so many things to do, and so many memories to revisit. None of us were ready for this.

Out for ice cream in August

Mmm, Scout Mint!

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