Friday, October 4, 2013

I Remember...

One of the benefits of being in a large LGBT community chorus is that, no matter what your need, someone probably has a connection. This week, a chorus sister who works as a funeral director (!) filled a need I didn't even know existed. To the funeral, she brought stacks of "I Remember..." cards. Many of the family members and friends who came filled out a card, writing a cherished memory or moment they shared with Mom. Reading those cards has been one of my favorite pastimes this week, remembering the little moments with everyone. It's been surprising to realize how different some of my memories are when compared to those of her friends and coworkers. Mostly, this is because I tend to reflect on big events or unusual times, while others focus on what Mom did regularly, or activities they shared frequently. I've really enjoyed these reminders of the little things she did, as well as hearing stories I never experienced. One of my favorites was mentioned by many former coworkers. Mom worked for many years as a neonatologist, taking care of premature babies. Apparently, she was known around the nursery for singing to the babies as she did rounds on the weekends, and although I never saw her do this, I can see her in my mind, singing quietly as she wrote notes, humming to the babies in their incubators.

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