Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Cold for Frances

As often happens when you're an elementary school teacher, I picked up a cold my first week back. I tried very hard to keep my microorganisms to myself all weekend, but Frannie woke up on Tuesday with a sniffle, developing a cough and her first cold as the day went on. Last night was a rapid return to the early days, with 3 wake-ups during the night. She seemed confused by waking up, though - she wasn't hungry enough to eat a meal, so she'd nurse for a few seconds and then drift off, and I'd put her back in the co-sleeper. I'm feeling better today, with just a lingering sinus headache.

On a related note, decongestants are not recommended when you are breastfeeding, as they will decrease your milk supply. This makes perfect sense (dry up one bodily fluid, dry up all of them), but is not something that occurs to the cold-addled brain. Also, if your sinus pain goes on long enough, you start considering taking the decongestants anyway, just to get your brain back.

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