Monday, May 16, 2011

Since Frances was 3 weeks old, we've been swaddling her at naptime and at night. Usually we use the double swaddle, but on warm nights (or when we're out of clean blankets) we pull out the Miracle Blanket, which works the same way. Either way, she's bundled up around her arms, around her feet, and snuggled toasty and tight*. And although we've had a couple of escape attempts featuring the lower extremities...
...the swaddle has always stuck. Until this morning...
Yup, that's Frannie's hand in her mouth. Note that it had to come up through the neck hole of the sleep sack, since the armhole is blocked by the tightly wrapped swaddling blanket. Note also the look of joy and pride on her face. That hand was totally worth all of the work it took to get it in her mouth.

*Despite the warnings, we do put a blanket on her in the co-sleeper. It's just too cold in our house, and we get miserable if we have a heater on all night. She lays on top of half of it, and the other half comes up about to her armpits - it's really just there to add another layer for her toes, which always seem to be chilly in the morning. It helps her sleep better, and I value my sleep and hers. When she wakes up in the morning, her leg thrashing now moves the blanket even further off of her, so I don't worry about her ability to keep a blanket off of her face. I'm more concerned that she'll throw all of her covers to outer Mongolia once she's not hampered by the sleep sack.

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