Friday, April 8, 2011

Blowout Preventer needed

I took my car to get an emissions check this morning, at the emissions center by Costco. This is just a few blocks from the Franz Bakery, so the area often smells like what ever is being baked - cinnamon bread, dinner rolls, etc. As we pulled out of the emissions center, I noticed the bakery smell, and thought to myself, "How funny, bread baking smells rather like baby poop." Now you see where this is going. I wish I had.

Since Frances was still napping, and we were near to Starbucks,  I thought we would stop in to read the paper and have a cup of coffee. Of course, Frannie woke up on the way into the parking lot, but she usually goes down again easily. When I  pulled the blanket off of her, I noticed that the bread/baby poop smell was a lot stronger. Not really a surprise, since she hadn't pooped in the last four days, and we have been waiting for a big diaper change. "It's too bad this Starbucks doesn't have a changing table," I thought, and pulled the diaper bag and Frances to the front seat for a quick change. It was then that I noticed the yellow stain on her right leg. And down to her ankle. And around her back. Uh-oh.

With the changing pad set up on the driver's seat, I started stripping Frances down. The gussets in her diaper had been totally overwhelmed, and her entire upper leg was covered in poop, leaving me to wonder, "if the leg of the playsuit is full of poop, is there anyway to get the foot out without getting the foot covered in poop?" I can now answer, "No." More's the pity.

Cleaning Frannie up would have been enough of a challenge had there been plenty of wipes, but of course we only had two left in the diaper bag. So, the extra onesie was pressed into service as a clean-up rag. Also the extra cloth diaper, while I put her into a disposable. I was putting the dirty clothes into the wet bag, and the wipes into a plastic bag, when Frances gave me a big grin and started peeing. She peed all over herself, the changing pad, and my seat (poor choice for a changing location). Luckily, I had placed the clean outfit on the back of the seat, so it stayed clean and dry. I put her into the clean outfit and dragged both of us into Starbucks, where I washed my hands, bought a coffee, and then headed home for a bath.

Thankfully, Frances respected my request to not spit up all over her clean outfit (or mine), so we avoided the full trifecta, at least for now.

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