Sunday, April 24, 2011

We like to do our holidays as many times as possible (practice makes perfect, don't you know?), so we had Easter yesterday and today. Yesterday, we took Frances, some deviled eggs, and two pounds of bacon to a neighborhood egg hunt and brunch. I nearly typed "egg hint" there, which really would be a better description of the egg hunt for the 1- and 2-year-olds there. While the bigger kids ran down the block, grabbing eggs off of trees and from under tulips, the little ones toddled down the hill, mostly catching onto the idea of an egg hunt, if not yet perfecting its execution. Frannie, of course, did not partake of the searching; she slept through the entire hunt.
Easter with Mommy's family is exhausting!

Today, we started our morning with an egg hunt in our house (12 dyed eggs, hidden more at an adult level of difficulty than that of a 3-month-old), and enjoyed the Baby Beluga songbook Frannie got in her basket. Then, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, enjoyed a giant breakfast, and opened more Easter basket goodness. Frances got a Bunnies by the Bay ting-ting holder, two more books, and some new clothes. No candy, of course - the Easter Bunny is trying to cut back.

Then, it was off to the big Easter celebration with Sarah's family. Those of us who eat solid foods ate way too much, as we generally do. Frannie showed more restraint, but was wiped out by the evening. She slept most of the way home, and went down for the night after one more snack.

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