Monday, April 4, 2011

Despite my best efforts, Frances has so far resisted any kind of napping routine. She usually wakes up when the alarm goes off, around 6:45, and then goes back down after Sarah leaves and sleeps until 10 or so. After that, her schedule is totally dictated by her, and different every day. Naps may last 20 minutes, or 3 hours. She may eat every hour, or take a 4-hour break between feedings. Result? I have no idea what to plan during the day, as I may have huge chunks of time in which to get work done, or I may not have to hit the bathroom until Sarah comes home.

She napped really well in the stroller yesterday, and the dog would love it if I would take them both on a long walk every afternoon, but such practices are not exactly conducive to getting work done.

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