Sunday, April 10, 2011

I go back to work in two days, and I'm planning (hoping?) to pump during the day. I got some nursing/pumping shirts a couple of months ago, and while I like the expensive special shirts, it seems to me that I could get the same result from some nursing tank tops (which I wear anyway, for coverage) and v-neck t-shirts. So we went to the mall this weekend to get a t-shirt for me to try, and perhaps I'll get some more if they do turn out to work as well as I hope.

How can you stand to leave something this cute to go to work?
 Frannie continues to love tummy time, which makes her relatively unusual, but I suspect it helps that I have her on the Boppy most of the time, and place her on the sofa, so she can look around at me and the rest of the room. This week, "the rest of the room" was only interesting if Olive was around. That pug comes over, and Frances is transfixed.
Frannie has discovered Olive. She makes Frannie smile.

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